Assessment and Observation Ideas

This assessment is intended to move away from direct teaching methods to move towards scaffolding information so children can arrive to their own interpretations.

This observation sheet may be used to record quick observations throughout various activities.

Fawcett (2009) states “observation does not exist in isolation--it is much more than a simple set of skills;” to be a proficient observer and assessor takes time, patience and practice. What do the students already know? How developed are their social, communication, and motor skills at this initial point? These are some questions teachers must ask at the beginning of the education journey, and they are necessary for creating the individual student profile. Drummond (215: 2003) mentions “effective assessment can only be based on a thorough understanding of our purposes in teaching and of our aspirations for our pupils.” Teachers must have an understanding of where their student are at the present moment in order to determine where they need to go.


Here are a selection of various observation/ assessment forms that may be adapted to meet the needs of diverse settings and learner. Using a variety of techniques can provide a more holistic view of learning and development.  

These curriculum objectives may be used in provision planning and 'next steps' depending on exisiting skills and motivations .

This type of assessment may be used for narrative-type assessments and helpful in providing formative feedback of development.

Teachers may want to compile these observations in a portfolio style formative assessment/ observation folder to record evidence of development. The photo aspect provides visuals and creates a more meaningful collection of experiences.

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Reference List


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